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Monday, March 21, 2011

RTM Fashion Show

Hari ini penat sgttt...... today's event was really made me headache...Migrain... mase rehersal pg td really2 messy... TENSION!!! then after that had briefing with my lecturer.. she told everything wht's the messy thing... need more hose for model... i dun hve to dress the models.. i'd to check all full dress from the cloth,accessories, other words FROM HEAD TO TOE!! yezzzzz..... thts my job as WARDROBE MANAGER in diz production...
if there something sesuatu pada baju yg dipkai model it will be my big mistake... but everything was just fine.. n all crews doin their job very2 wellll.... i love them allz... thanx to them... waiting for next event tht we've handle it.. 3 more event...
tht's all foe today.. need to rest myself for tomorrow event.. ;)
Enjoy read my blog update..!

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