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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Evolution of Bunga Raya Fashion Show..

with Isz n Cella.. Most creative.. ;)

clasmate yg bjaya msuk final... ;)

nana jd model bidan terjun.... hihihi..

with rabiah.. model wanie..

Ershad.... congrates.. ;) cantek angattt headgear tu...

today de event competition yg bertemakn Bunga Raya smpena menyambut Jubli Emas Bunga Kebangsaan negara kite... ;)
Best sgt today tgk bakat2 muda yg menonjol.. even yg junior le compete dgn senior.. hebat.. hebat.. hebat..
Proud to all my classmates yg bjaya msuk ke final.. Congrates to Isz n Hisham dpt title Most Creative n Best Presentation.. ;)

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