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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fashion is not just DESIGN IT n SEWING...

diz is my Male figure tht i draw it today's illustration class.... ;)

50% siap.. top xsiap lg... ;)

my costume design... Nana pose with it.. ;)

Last tuesday... i learn something new tht i dun ever think bout it b4 diz..LUCAS BLIM..he told tht he's not just a freelance designer.. he design his collection just for make a frens with Fashion industry.. from there he will get a job tht he'll produced or organized some show for any Fashion Association.. fashion's student is not just in design garments or sewing.. they can be, graphic designer,they can be art director,they can be fine art artist n many more... SAPE CKP FASHION XBYK KEJE LPAS GRAD MEMG SILAP OKIE......!!

jgn tgk keje seorg fashion designer dgn design baju jew... ade jgk fashion designer jd interior designer.buktinye cm RIZALMAN...n now student fashion part3 uitm perak, ktorg de projek wt costume.. tema ktorg ARCHITECTURE.. fr there we can c tht fashion's not just make a garment tht uollss wear it everyday... it can be more interesting when we think OUT OF THE BOx... jgn kongkongkn pemikiran anda.. ;) n jgn pk xde keje yg le wt after grad..
byk le wt.... yg penting KAU ADA!!!!

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