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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

.: Fashion Colour Blocking 2011 :.

today, i want to share something about 2011 colour trend...

In 2011,the color blocking trend is in now in full force. Both garments and accessories are being rendered with stacks of bright, bold color. Like the rest of the fashion palette this year,the trend has been dominated by shades of orange,which are most often blocked with creams and soft neutrals.

Though the trend is most obvious when exhibited with bright colors,neutrals are getting blocked as well . The emphasis is on grays, khakis and army greens - which seem to be hangovers from the minimalist trend that favoured muted tones.

Colour blocking, however isn't only about buying new pieces that exhibit the trend. You can color block with the pieces already existing in ur wardrobe by combining them in a new way. In this case, the brighter the better. Be bold with combinations,trying new ones that u wouldn't have done before. After all, if u try to "block" with a gray top khaki shorts the effect will certainly fall flat!

Extra tips : Keep shoes n accessories light n bright. Also avoid prints to prevent muddying the sharp lines between the blocks of color.

That's all for today's entry... Hope u get some inspiration for ur daily wear or u also can put it in ur fashion design.. so ur design will be more update with this latest color trend...

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