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Friday, May 13, 2011

.: Have just c this movie on 8tv :. Too Young To Marry

Love Ittttt.... ;)
Both of them r too young to get married... wht do u think?
to me young is not the problem.. but after married there r many commitment tht we've to face it... lagi2 bile masih dlm dunia student... mane nk manage masa tuk husband n study.. mcm ku la kn.. even dlm diri ckp da ready for marriage life.. but the truth is i'm not ready for it.. cuz dun hve enough money to prepare all things for wedding preparation.. i want it to be perfect event in my life.. its not just an event but it's important thing cuz it will be just once in a lifetime.... i want to design my wedding wear by ownself.. hantaran i'll do it by myself too.. i want it perfect.. so i've decide it to plan it after i've finish my study.. n then get to work.... collect money.. after that time my bf n i will get married.. ;) i hope it will be come true.. love him soo much.. dun hve any words tht i can describe my love to him.. just love n miss him a lots cuz he's far away from me... :'( Hope we'll be together a.s.a.p.... i'm always pray for it..

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