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Thursday, April 21, 2011

.: Done It For Today's Design Assesment :.

da 2 minggu x m'update blog ku ini.. ini disbbkn da minggu2 final exam n minggu assesment.. worked hard for it...pagi td da lpas 1 asses yg sgt azab bg ku... if dlu final design ku diperagakan tuk mik markah but di UiTM ni len skit.. kne present depan lecturer one by one.. memg gelabah ayam la ku pg td.. dgn tdo lmbt nye m'touch up' pe yg ptt tuk present pg td.. bgn awl nye... tp lmbt gk menyiapkn model ku si Amy a.k.a roomate ku tu.. huhu.. tp xde la nk makeup over sgt.. just bg nmpk je kne ng tema kn... all comments fr both of my lecturers, everything's ok.. just kurg pd fabric.. tht's all.. n the most important thing n made me happy for the whole day n 1st time in my life, my design was listed in top 10 to join Asian Fiber Exhibition on this July.. td mse puan tnjuk gbr da mcm dlm American's Top Model plak... hahaha.. verangan uollsss...
tp ape pon pd kwn2 yg x tersenarai semua work korg pon best jugaksss taw..... semua nye good job... n well done la.. next sem kite usaha lebih lg for Biotech design... ;) ( ckp cm ade je lg ku kt perak ni sem dpan) huhuhu... gonna missuolllzz... xoxo :)


  1. wow..baju ni untuk function mana sesuai pakai..?

  2. function pew? its just for on runway n exhibition.. this is costume.. costume xseswai nk pkai utk pe2 event..

  3. aaron : tq dear fren.. <3
    cookies : yeahh.. hehe


thanx for ur comments.. ;)